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Little Angels Montessori &  Activity Home

(For Early Childhood Education)

Registered with ICT-PEIRA (Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority), Islamabad
(ICT-PEIRA Reg. # 01/C-4709/2021)

We are Not Here to Earn Money but to Promote the Culture Of Early Childhood Education.

“Early Childhood Education Activates the Child’s Own Natural Desire to Learn & Recognize his/her Hidden Potential”.


Assalam-u-Alaikum , Our name is “Little Angels Montessori & Activity Home”!

Welcome to our web home!

 We are a Pakistan based academic Institution/helping hand for parents/ community trying to develop a culture for in house pre-school education of children (Early childhood Education) in age of about 2 .5 year or 3 years. we are working for a low cost activity based pre-school basic / Early Childhood learning & skill development accordingly of our own beloved children.

Our Vision to provide Montessori education in a very in-expensive, self esteemed and parent -child inner bond strengthening way. Our Mission “Early Childhood Education with Delicate Care – No Child Should be Left Behind”.

May Allah help us and bless us with supervision towards the right trail of success.

How can We help you?

Our goal is to provide you with some easy & skillful educational activities with material to educate  your kids yourself. These playful activities based on a proven coaching method (Montessori) are really workable &  useful for early learning of a child. 

” Let’s Join the Hands Together to Provide Our Children a Better Start for a Brighter Future”

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to pay our part in growth of our kids for future world to live in it confidently with  unity, faith, discipline and self-acceptance.
This will surely be happen by providing them such environment in  which  kids can  flourish imagination, develop positive character, set goals and build self-confidence with self awareness. 
In this journey, we are always to stand with  parents taking all tools to support them in enhancing their kid’s inner light instead of dimming it unconsciously.

The Nurturing & Caring Environment For Our Children

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