About Us

Who We Are?

We are a Pakistan based academic Institution  running our two (02) projects simultaneously.

  • One is the Montessori Pre-School registered with PEIRA (Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority), Islamabad. Our project name is “Little Angels Montessori & Activity Home”
  • Our Second project  is Online shop for  Activity based Pre-School Montessori  Material.

We Believe?

In view of current situation of competitive education and learning process with very high cost even in pre-school /Montessori/Play group when a number of people in Pakistan have no much resources to get admitted their children to some such kind of highly paid and well established schools,

Our Vision to provide such kind of valued education in a very in-expensive, self esteemed and parent -child inner bond strengthening way.

Our Mission “Early Childhood Education with Delicate Care – No Child Should be Left Behind”. To accomplish our goal in context of our Vision and Mission, we are here to start this platform as a helping hand for parents by providing a very low cost material / activities to complete Pre-school/Early Childhood learning phase of their children by themselves easily at home with due love, care & pleasure for their children.  One more aspect following our vision, we may succeed to encourage the parents to spare some quality time for their children and allow them to feel parental company during their life learning stage step by step.

Our Project -1

 Montessori Pre-School for Early Childhood Education. We are running a Montessori Pre-School  named “Little Angels Montessori & Activity Home” (Registered with PEIRA, Islamabad) with the Slogan ” No Child Should be Left Behind”.

Currently, we are setting up our first campus in  Islamabad near to Rawalpindi, where we successfully started our journey towards set destination. 

Our Objective/Goal behind starting this project is to provide quality early childhood education to children belong to low earning class of country  to prepare them with jewels of self confidence,  experimental learning skill,  thinking ability, cognitive interaction and psychological strength in a prepared environment  before starting their conventional schooling.

Our Project -2

The other project , we have started simultaneously is a Montessori material preparation using very low cost material and sale them online using this site to help those who can not afford even send their child to a school for early childhood education in a proper way.

The theme behind this project is to create an opportunity of in-house early childhood education using our prepared very low budget learning activities.

In this way, we be the helping hand for parents/ community  to develop a culture of child’s base education in age of about 2 – 1/2 year to 3/4/5/6 years.

Hopefully, these  low budgetary activity based Montessori material will contribute a vital role to reveal the culture of in-house pre-school basic / Early Childhood learning  & skill development.

How can We help you?

Firstly, Our goal in Montessori school is to provide you services at nominal fee in nurturing your child according to the standard patterns of pre-school education in a very responsive prepared environment.

Secondly, we want to be your partner by giving you ideas with some skillfully & objective based easy learning activities at very affordable price  for skillful educational growth of your kids under your caring supervision at home by yourself.

These playful activities based on a proven coaching method (Montessori) are really workable &  useful for early learning of a child. 

By keeping above in Mind,  Angels Activity Home online Montessori material shop is specially developed for those who like to execute preschool education of  their children by them selves even at home in a very effective and in-expensive way.

we are providing you with a number of learning activities which will help you to educate your child  in a playing mode. This will enhance the learning skill of your child with confidence. Our material includes a number of Alphabet (English & Urdu) identification/ recognition activities, Numbers identification, shapes identification etc. , pencil gripping (Pincer) activities, word making skill activities, Color recognition & coloring activities and a number of other child learning tools.

These all activities and tools will definitely boast learning capability with confidence skillfully.

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