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As we all know very well that today’s kids/children are the future face of our esteemed nation and always require special responsiveness and care. So, Little Angels Montessori and Activity Home has been set to accommodate this need of the kids in a way of learning environment. Our Montessori consists of 3 Classes from Play Group to KG/Prep. Montessori has been set with all the required equipment & educational aids so that the finest possible learning approach is provided to our “shiny future”. Best Montessori learning methods are being used to determine children’s aptitude and refinement of their abilities accordingly. Teacher available in Montessori class to deliver better attention to each young learn.

Another feature, we introduce is to split the whole learning session (Year) into 2 semesters for better learning without any burden in a very responsive way.  Parent Teacher meetings will also be convened time to time for Parent-Teacher integration and companionship towards the growth of children.


Theme and Subjects Offered in Montessori:

Little Angels Montessori has specifically designed and developed its own syllabus for our students. This syllabus caters the modern day requirements and in addition, we have introduced subjects such as Ethics, Moral Values, General Knowledge and Islamic Education.

Play Group (PG) (2.5 – 3 Years Old):

The sole purpose of our institution for 2.5 years old kids is to boost & develop skills to train them for their own realization. We encourage and work with children on different day to day skills, oral language development, physical development, and toilet training. Through these lessons your child begins to learn skills such as, sharing ideas and feelings, introducing phonics, recognize shape and numbers as well as expressing wants and needs. Interactive and social skills are also a part of development in this age. 

The most important part of a child’s educational growth is the foundation. We at our Montessori tried our best to develop a better foundation in our Play Group educational curriculum. Our emphasis is not only on educational growth, we also ensure that each child will grow in every aspect of academics as well. Our guided social activities curriculum will provide opportunity to children to grow socially and emotionally. Here children learn importance of sharing and the basic understanding of living together with. 


Moreover, the our Play Group curriculum is all about Basic learning, Language, Maths, Urdu, Early Practical Life (EPL), Sensorial, Islamic Education, Ethics & Moral Values.


Pre-Kindergarten / Nursery (3.5 – 4 Years Old):

The Little angels Montessori & Activity Home Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten program starts with the objective to familiarize the students with the basic skills of reading, writing, math, social studies and science.

Students learn to blend the sounds and symbols relationships to create words and sentences using interactive approach to phonics. Here, we use learning activities and hands-on activities to develop a solid / sturdy foundation of students to brighten their future path.  Students are encouraged to work and learn at their own pace. It is vital to know that all children may not be at the same level as their fellows.

Moreover, our Pre-Kindergarten/Nursery curriculum includes   Urdu, English, Maths, Science, Islamic Education, General Knowledge, Day to Day Skills, and Ethics & Moral Values.


Kindergarten / Prep (4.5 – 5 Years Old):

In Kindergarten, children start to think and process information without the need of physical materials. Therefore, materials are sensibly selected to support comprehension and the development of skills rather than just conventional learning.  The learning activities discussed in small groups of students before applying in relevant activities.  In addition to academic growth, we continue to value the emotional growth of each child. We incorporate a variety of activities and discussions that address issues such as solving problems, expressing feelings, making compromises and working cooperatively. 


Moreover, our Kindergarten curriculum includes Urdu, English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Islamic Education, General Knowledge, Self Hygiene Skills, Readers in both Urdu & English Language, Ethics & Moral Values.

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