Home schooling is a very beautiful concept of child’s early education at home without having enrolled in an expensive conventional public or private school under the supervision and careful as well as very kind guidance of parents. 
Home schooling is really well known for flexibility of this methodology of learning which allows parents to help their children in the way that work for each child as per physical & mental approach of a child fully known by parents. 
This way of learning also provide an ease for parents and children as no one need to follow  any conventions of school ” Home Schooling can be customized using own curriculum as well as approach for need as required”. 
Home schooling children will also be widely accepted in conventional schooling system for schooling ahead for next level after a short conceptual test for all home schooling curriculum. 
We “Little Angels Montessori & Activity Home” developed and further developing our own Montessori (Pre-School learning for the age of 2.5 to 5 years) learning activities using a very reliable and affordable  material   ( a number of activities can be looked into under “Our Products” Menu of this site). 
We are using the same material at our Montessori and recommend you all to use this material at home for home schooling of beloved child for his/her pre-school learning.
If interested, then contact us using “contact form” , whatsapp, phone call or email provided at “Contact Us” menu. 
we will provide you all arranged material for whole curriculum as per your need based on the age and group (PG, Nursery, KG or Prep.) of your child.
We also help you/guide you to use this material in a way / steps for better learning and understanding.
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