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Montessori Learning System

This activity based learning culture is a main theme of “Montessori Methodology”.

 Montessori Methodology is a scientific approach to early childhood education that was developed by Physician, Anthropologist, and Pedagogue, Doctor Maria Montessori (1870-1952).

The Montessori approach is based on scientific research into the process of how children learn as they progress from birth to adulthood. Montessori methodology of learning clearly developed on “every child is born with natural intelligence that can only develop with the right stimulation during their early years of life”.

As a system, Montessory Methodology for learning is quite different from the traditional educational system and does not simply based on quick knowledge gain, which usually forgotten quickly. The theme behind the Montessori Method (specially for pre-school learning) is the development of the child’s personality in all four directions simultaneously but in stepped way . These all steps includes the   growth of a child in all aspects: socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The Montessori Method is to follow each child’s development individually. This is possible in the Children’s learning home by creating a very friendly & activity based learning environment according to children’s needs. Not only the activity range but also the stuff themselves are cautiously chosen to complete the inner needs of pre-school children in a way as children desire.

Every child has liberty to  stir around and choose the activity that suits him/her as per desire/interest/need at the time.

The Montessori teacher has then to provide that activity to the child, guiding him/her how to exercise the material. The child can then workout with the activity at his own pace and according to his own abilities. In the classroom some kids/children may do Math, next to them a few may like to build towers on a mat on the floor, some may be grouped with Montessori teacher to listen a story. Others may take time to play with english/urdu alphabet recognition/tracing or draw/colour a picture.  The most important thing for Montessori Pre-School class,  the all happen in a very carefully prepared, beautiful, safe and clean environment.


The Role of the Montessori Teacher  in this child-centered environment is both vital and tricky in comparison with the traditional teaching system, the Montessori teachers have to observe and know each child individually (socially, emotionally as well as his/her abilities), prepare the learning environment and the activity material accordingly by keeping the children’s interests, and generally present there vigilantly without interfering repeatedly. At the same time a teacher needs to make sure that children follow the rules that have been set, and help those children who have difficulty doing so without any punishments that  cause shame for those children.

Based on above “Montessori Methodology” We are trying the provide our esteemed clients with such hands-on learning materials, which  guide children to discover key learning outcomes through repetition and practice. This allows children to identify and correct their own mistakes by repeating & practicing the activities. These all activities/learning material will move ahead in a mode from easy to complex with the growth of child, providing stepped opportunities to extend on learning.

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